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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break

This spring break hasn't been as eventful as those in the past because of our new pup Molly! 

We can't really take her out places yet and we can't leave her at home alone, so we have had to get creative with what we do while the kids are out of school. We have done a ton of walking around the neighborhood and riding bikes! The kids have kept busy and by summer we should be able to head out for day trips and bring Miss Molly with us.

P.S. My kids all have bike helmets now, just didn't on this particular day that I was out shooting.
P.S.S. We did not create these bike jumps in the wilderness area LOL my hubby just altered a few of them so Brandon could jump on them ;o)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tide Pools

Brandon has been asking for weeks to go down to the tide pools, so Daddy took us on Sunday! We had a great time exploring and everyone had a blast. The 6 year old Watson had a hard time walking on the rocks and spent a good chunk of the morning upset, but she definitely had fun too. We saw tons of pelicans, sea anemones, muscles, hermit crabs, fish and even a sea lion and starfish. Uncle Mikey joined us and added to the fun. So thankful for the beautiful day and fun with my family!


It seems I continue to put pictures on my Facebook and forget to update the good ole blog! Here are some recent pics from Brandon's rain gutter regatta. He won first place in his his Den and 2nd place overall. He looked like he was going to pass out after all the races from all that blowing...but he had so much fun!

The Girls have been busy selling cookies! This year we had our own booth right in our front yard, and they loved it! 

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Crawdads, tutus and a little twirling!

Seems that the last few months slipped away and I didn't get a chance to blog much! Today we took a walk up to get the mail and decided to explore around in the wilderness. Since last year's poison oak fiasco, we were much more careful where we let our adventures take us. The kids really wanted to find crawdads in the nearby creek because a neighbor kid was talking about them LOL So off we went. We did find a section of the creek that had tons of them, but they didn't catch any. It was a fun afternoon!

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